The Essential Online Marketing Guide for a Small Hotel

There are many couples who would like to pool their resources and invest in a small hotel or resort somewhere nice, and if you and your partner had considered this, but decided it was too ambitious, here is a guide that will hopefully show you otherwise. The secret ingredient is your online marketing, and with this in place and a pleasant ambiance, with friendly and willing staff, you can expect the bookings to come rolling in. This is, of course, assuming your establishment is in a prime location, and with a definite demand for temporary accommodation, it’s just a question of finding your share, as you most certainly won’t be the only place in the area.

Know Your Customers

This is the key to successful marketing, and when thinking about how a typical Melbourne family would go about sourcing holiday accommodation, the Internet is the obvious answer, and with a Google search, they would begin to browse potential resorts or hotels. This means you must have a well-designed website, and by hiring a Melbourne digital agency, you can have your site designed, plus they can formulate a digital marketing plan, which should ensure a high level of room occupancy. The days of handing out brochures and putting ads in local papers are almost completely behind us, and with so many online networks and apps that you can list your business with, you can very quickly create a strong online presence.

Social Media

One can never overlook such a powerful tool when looking for ways to promote your business, and if you don’t have a Facebook page, this is something you need to remedy. A Melbourne digital agency would be able to design your website and help you create a following on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and over a period of time, you can upload dynamic content to keep your regular customers interested. You can create loyalty discounts and other special promotions, which will ensure that your clients retain their interest.

Mobile Apps

This is where the future lies with online hotel booking, and there are already several apps that are being used by millions of travelers around the world. You simply type in a location and price, and lo and behold, a list of hotels appear, and booking is simple. Your hotel needs to be a part of this system if you want you fair share of bookings that is. It is easy enough to make enquiries about having your business listed with such systems, and to be honest, the more the merrier.

There are many ways one can boost bookings with online marketing strategies, and this is perhaps the most effective way to get your business noticed.