Starting a Farm from Scratch

For the sake of this article, let’s imagine your distant relative left you a large piece of agricultural land in Western Australia, and you have wisely decided to turn it into a commercial farm. There is no structure at present, so the project will be a rather large one. As you already have a large house on the outskirts of Perth, this isn’t going to be a cosy family farmhouse thing, more of a commercial enterprise, so let us put all images of traditional country life aside for a moment.

Farm accommodation

Whoever manages the farm, will need living quarters, as will the team of workers, who will toil daily in all weathers to ensure the farm runs effectively. Then there are the numerous sheds you will require for storing farm equipment, produce, fertilisers and the many other things essential to farming. For the best farm sheds in Perth , an online search will put you in touch with a quality company who can help you with numerous shelter solutions. Today’s composite materials mean longer lasting structures, and with the initial expense, you want maximum use, with minimal maintenance.

Farm what?

The range is extensive, but whatever you choose, make sure you plan well. If one has no real background in farming, hiring an experienced farm manager is a must. This person needs to get on board at the outset, and will be able to explain the pros and cons of different types of farming, and also help with the costing of equipment. Livestock farming can be profitable, and with the right type of grazing land, the animals will grow quickly. Crop farming, on the other hand, requires the right soil properties, and pest control is a major issue. Whatever you decide, will determine the success of your farming venture, so don’t rush into anything.

The infrastructure

A farm needs a central area where machinery and produce is kept, along with any small livestock and poultry. There would also need to be sheds for the livestock to sleep in, and these come in a range of sizes, and with an online search for farm sheds in Perth, you can source a company that will turn out to be your most valued ally, as you strive to make your farm productive.

Fencing and gating

The farm manager would arrange this, and with a single fencing contractor, all the farm’s containment issues would be taken care of, including maintenance.

The workers

The most important component of any business is the people who work in it, and farming is all about teamwork. The farm manager would possibly know of some experienced farm hands who would be happy to join a new team. Failing that, a recruitment agency would definitely be able to supply the right type of people to help your farm get off the ground.


Modern farming is all about alliances, and with the many options we have, it is possible to make farming a very profitable business.

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